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Customer Satisfaction Surveying

Get to know what your customers really think

How well do you know your business? Can you answer the following questions?

  • How many of your customers buy from you regularly?
  • How much business is generated from satisfied client referrals?
  • How do you determine what the needs of your customers are?
  • Are your customers aware of the scope of the products / services you offer?
  • How do you deal with any complaints you might receive?

We all know that a word of mouth referral is the most cost effective method of marketing but how often do we actually ask our clients to recommend us or offer them anything other than what they order?

Our Customer Satisfaction Survey service is designed to give you honest and constructive feedback. You can use this to improve what you do whilst demonstrating to your customers that their opinions are important to you.

People who have demonstrated they are happy with a purchase could become your most effective sales force.

We are happy to:

  • help you design and structure your survey
  • carry out your customer surveys, either over the telephone or face to face
  • analyse and report back on the responses for you to highlight positive feedback, and/or areas of concern
  • help you to understand how you can use the feedback to positive effect
  • conduct follow up customer interviews to create positive case studies (and testimonials)

CT Printers

Absolute Marketing has been instrumental in raising the profile of CT Printers amongst potential customers.

"The planning they did was very professional & the telemarketing is proving successful in gaining us recognition in our
specialist field of packaging.

It was encouraging to meet the people that were actually making the telephone calls.

I discovered very quickly that they have specialist knowledge in this kind of marketing."

Ian James, Production & Sales Director


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