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How We Work For You

  • We maximise the most effective hours to call, typically from 10am to 12 noon and 2pm to 4pm, when we are most likely to get a good reception

  • We only charge for our calling time so you are not paying for our lunch breaks

  • We take a full brief with agreed goals and objectives

  • We work with you during the project providing results and feedback on a daily or weekly basis

  • We provide a full report and debrief after the project has been completed

  • If at any stage we believe changes need to be made, we get in touch with you, agree to the changes, and ensure we deliver the best possible results

Talk to us about our rates.
There are no contractual obligations as we are confident
you will be happy for us to carry on calling.

What We Don't Do!

  • We don't hassle people or apply pressure to get a result, we pay our staff on the time spent not on appointments or leads generated

  • We don't keep on going if we aren't getting results, we call you and talk it through

  • We don't make you sign a contract committing you to a minimum spend

  • We don't try and sell your products for you. We get to understand the needs and requirements of the companies we are calling and provide an environment where a sale is likely to take place

Remember this is about what you want to achieve.
You set the agenda - we are happy to call on your behalf.


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