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Test & Measure Service

Increasing the effectiveness of your marketing activity

Being outstanding in your market is fairly straightforward, after all it is what you are best at, but if you're going to be outstanding with your marketing then testing and measuring the effectiveness of new ideas will really help.

Whether it is a new direct mail campaign, a new ad, a letter to your customers, an email, or a new headline on your website - test small, measure the results and then determine if the offering needs refinement.

  • What did it cost?
  • What revenue did it generate?
  • Did you get the target data right?
  • Is it something you can repeat or make a supplementary offer from?

Since marketing is predominantly a numbers game, if it works on a small scale it is very likely to work on a large scale but you won't know if you don't test and measure!

We are happy to follow up any campaign with a call on your behalf to establish its effectiveness and give you independent feedback. All data can be produced in a format that will integrate with your system and can be refreshed and used again for (even) more effective marketing in the future.

Full Square Ltd

is a marketing services agency based in Leicester specialising in promotional print.

"I knew it was time to take my company forward and acquire new clients so enlisted Absolute Marketing to help.

From our first meeting Alison produced an excellent brief and started the project that week.

Since then Absolute Marketing has provided me with an on-going source of leads and appointments to help me meet my target for new clients.

Absolute Marketing has exceeded my expectations throughout the project."

Claire McFadden, Director,
Full Square Ltd


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